Asalaamu ‘Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi,

Many of us sisters are interested in our own cottage industry or already have one. Either way, we all struggle with many of the same home-based business issues: confidence, time, energy, resources, balanced with taking care of our families.

Support and resources is the focus here because without information and without each other we cannot truly persue our goals.

You will find websites, blogs, newsgroups, and more devoted to home-based businesses and at-home workers listed here. You will also find fatawa, articles and links on Islam and running a business. Use the menu to the left or the search feature to find the site’s contents.

I hope you enjoy this site and find something that helps you. We welcome your comments as well as the things you have learned or want to share.

Helpful Information

One response to “Welcome

  1. Business Communications Series for the Muslimah

    Effective Communication Skills (4 classes)

    from the Author who says, “Communication is the art and process of creating and sharing ideas.”

    (Effective Communications Skills.pdf)

    Learning through Help and Assistance

    (FREE) every 3rd Sunday of the Month at 7:00pm EST on Wiziq

    Starting September 16th

    from THM Sadaqa Group

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